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Three Rules of Writing

     Writing violates natural human behaviour so requires us to follow special rules. First of all, human thinking is disorganized and chaotic. To write well, a writer must control his thinking; disorganized writing pleases no one, no matter how “lifelike” it may be. Our readers, being human, are prone to inattention. Thus, writers need to strive to keep a reader’s attention; bore the reader and you lose her forever. Finally, most of us are by nature quite shy. Writing exposes us to the world for all to see. Therefore, writing requires that we risk exposure of ourselves to the world, not a natural desire for most of us. Because of our nature, the act of writing necessitates that we tame ourselves, at least for awhile. (124 words; first draft on September 16, 2004)

Written for the Advanced Composition assignment:
The Three Most Important Rules of Writing



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