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Literature and Composition 4 Teacher Writing Updated: October 30, 2006
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What the Teacher Learned

     In teaching Literature and Composition 4 this term, I have learned three things. One, I’ve learned to instruct students to summarize their readings before a class discussion. As a result, students participate more easily. Two, I’ve learned to give students a chance to discuss and comment on group work before the term begins. We are thus more effective when working together. Lastly, I’ve learned (again) how dedicated and willing my students are to tackle difficult material. It is humbling to imagine how hard some of you must work to comprehend our textbook! Thus, this term, I’ve learned three things, too. (100 words; first draft by Brad Hyde)

Please note the structure of my paragraph above. I give a general topic sentence first. Then, I make a clear transition to my first example (“One. . .). I use the same transition style for the second example (“Two. . .). Note that I use a different style for my third example (“Lastly. . .) and that I use the concluding word “thus” for my final sentence, which restates the main idea of my paragraph.

If you follow this example, your paragraph should be a good one! You are welcome to use the same transition words as I have if you wish.








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