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Brad's Teacher Writing November 19, 2003
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Brad wrote "Unusual Canadian Behaviours" to demonstrate Show, Don't Tell for the lesson, On with the Show! Are You Showing or Just Telling?


Unusual Canadian Behaviours

     Canadians are an unusual group of people and demonstrate it in a number of ways. One thing we are funny about is speaking loudly in public. As a rule, voices are kept fairly moderate when in public places, especially in stores or malls. Two people having a loud argument in the mall will make Canadians stare and feel uncomfortable. Another interesting trait is our "car behaviour" versus our "walking in public behaviour." In cars, people feel free to shout angry words, give other drivers the finger, and generally act very aggressively. When walking on the sidewalks, however, one rarely sees such angry and aggressive behaviour, except between a pedestrian and the driver of a car! Really, we Canadians have our own unique ways demonstrated in our cars, in the stores, and on the street. 134 words, first draft on November 19, 2003









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