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A Weekend Breakfast at Bradís House

     I love to make breakfast on a weekend morning. First, I put bacon into a cold frying pan and turn up the heat. The bacon sizzles nicely and fills the room with its salty smell. At the same time, I make the coffee in my cappuccino maker. After the coffee is pumped, I steam the milk in two large cups, one for me and one for my wife. To know when the milk is ready, I put my hand on the side of the cup to feel the heat. Now, the bacon is nearly cooked, so I put two bagels into the toaster oven. The door shuts with a bang! Then, the eggs go into the hot bacon fat. I like my eggs sunny side up. Last, I pour glasses of orange juice and call my wife to the table. We like to eat our bagels with sweet strawberry jam on top of cream cheese. Weekend breakfasts are the best ones of the week! (164 words; first draft example of process writing)

Written for the Wednesday Writing Tutorial:
Food Words and the Senses



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