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  Brad's Teacher Writing (Two Standard Essay Samples)

The essays below were written for a standard essay topic: "Why do people still go to movie theaters despite the availability of television movies, videos and DVDs? Discuss."

The first was written as a class exercise with the Advanced Composition class. The second was written by the teacher while his students wrote their own. Which one do you like the best? Each is in standard form and would accomplish the goal of demonstrating a competent essay for your certificate tests.


Why We Love the Movie Theater

     Most of us have a good TV, a VCR and a DVD player in our homes and watch them often. However, people still seem to be lining up at the movie theaters, despite their cozy recreation rooms. Why do people still go to the movies? Because they find in them a great escape, an attractive physical environment and a social experience.

     People like to escape from the mundane, so movie theatres provide them with many opportunities. Reality is boring. Movies, on the other hand, are fun and interesting. The whole family, for example, can go to see Finding Nemo. In this movie, all the fish can talk and argue and sing as well. And, if the movie is a good one, we can forget everything. The only thing we see is the screen and not even all the heads of the audience. Movies provide us with a great diversion from our everyday life.

     Being diverted is not enough, our physical comfort is much more in a theater as well. Theaters have huge screens that are bright and easy to see. But, the sound is more important than the screen. Theatres now have speakers everywhere in the hall, behind the screen, and even behind our seats. In some movies, we hear voices or birds singing in any location. The seats are the most important reason. In a modern theatre, the seats are even more comfortable than in my house. Being physically comfortable is one reason why we still love to see a movie in a theatre.

     Although we watch a movie quietly and by ourselves, movies are a very social experience. There is a special feeling in watching something with others. If we laugh together with several hundred people, we can think that we are part of a community; if we cry, we cry together, too. Movies are also, very often, a place to find young people on their first date. I have lots of fun watching uncomfortable teenagers in the theatre. Even after the show, we can talk together about the movie. Movies have always been a communal and social experience and thatís why we love to go to them.

     Movies are still popular, despite our other attractions, because we find in them an escape, more comfortable viewing, and perhaps most importantly, a shared social experience. I firmly believe that my great grandchildren will still be going to the movies!

(405 words; written with the participation of the students in Advanced Composition on November 18, 2004)


Why the Movies?

     When TV was invented, many said it would be the death of the movies. It wasn't! Movies have survived the VCR and the DVD because they offer a social activity, an escape, and an experience.

     Movies are a social event. For the young, a movie is a safe first date, not too expensive or difficult to arrange. For parents, they offer a good excuse to attend a cartoon or animation and share a good time with the children. For adults, a trip to the movies may be a way to find time to hold hands with your husband or wife. Not only that, but movie theaters are full of laughing, talking and relaxed people. To see a movie together with others is an essential reason for their continued success.

     Togetherness isn't everything; a movie is also a splendid escape from real world pressures and stress. One theater I go to has a large neon clock. If the movie is a good one, however, I not only will not notice that clock, I will not see the people or anything else but the screen. What happens on the screen is an agreeable fantasy, one that has a story, characters, and beautiful settings. Once, I escaped to the mountain plateaus of Tibet (on the screen) and enjoyed traditional folksongs! There is no doubt that movies help us escape worldly stress.

     The experience we have at the movies cannot be duplicated at home. Technically, movies have improved a great deal in my lifetime. For example, when I was a boy, a movie screen might have three speakers, one behind it and one on each side. Nowadays, the auditorium is filled with speakers. Though the sound is sometimes too loud for my old ears, it is always remarkable. The picture, too, is excellent these days. Computers are used to complete the image, even in non animated movies. The results are pleasing to the eye and ear and make going to the movies worthwhile.

     For socializing with others, escaping from reality and experiencing a really good show, the movies cannot be easily duplicated. Although movies have gone through some tough times, the huge box office of a movie like Finding Nemo makes me think that we still love the movies!

(378 words; first draft by Brad Hyde; written on Wednesday, November 17, 2004)



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