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The paragraph below was written for a class exercise in Literature and Composition Level 4. In the exercise, the students named a number of words associated with the colour red. From this list (italicized in the text), we then had to write a paragraph including all the terms! It was lots of fun, but difficult.


A Red Lady
(Using "red" words in a paragraph!)

      Her boyfriend should have brought her roses to show his love, but he brought her apples instead. His cheeks burned as she jumped into her red car and drove away past the Petro-Canada station on the corner. The light turned red and she had to wait. His girlfriend always wore red lipstick and a red belt. Even the roof of her house is red! In the morning, she loves to eat strawberries on her cereal; at night she eats red meat, usually beef. In front of her house, she has two flags, both red: a Chinese and a Canadian one, with a bright maple leaf. In her noodles, she adds chilies to warm her blood. At New Year's, she loves to give the children lucky money envelopes. In school, she uses a red pen to correct the students' work. Once, one of her students wrote about a red monkey's bum—what a surprise! At lunchtime, she drinks Coke, eats tomato sandwiches and fries with ketchup. Her father, who likes the red colour too, has a drunk's nose, unfortunately, because he drinks too much red wine. One day she hopes to wear a red wedding dress. What a lot of red she has in her life! (205 words; first draft written by Brad Hyde on February 4, 2005)





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