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The paragraph below was written for a topic in the
Writing Practice classes about the games we played as children.


Climbing and Swinging from Trees

     One of my favourite games as a child in Burnaby was climbing on and playing in trees. I was a good tree climber, so it was easy for me to go very high up in the branches. One day I remember very well we found a large dead tree that was suspended high above the ground. Near it were some vine maples, a kind of tree that has a very springy trunk. My friends and I would jump from the trunk of the larger tree, catch hold of a vine maple and swing down to the ground. The maple trees would break our fall and let us land gently from the high jump. I'm sure my parents would have been upset if they had seen us; fortunately, they never did because I played all day with friends and never saw my parents at all! At the end of each day, my parents would ask me if I'd had fun. I would answer, truthfully, yes. Now, I wish I could be young again and swaying high up in a tree in Burnaby. (181 words; first draft)




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