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  Brad's Teacher Writing (Current Sample)

This week, students were assigned to write a paragraph on autumn. Following the example of writer Douglas Cornish, here is Brad's sample paragraph. *Note that the assignment required the use of at least two sentences of three words or shorter!


Facing the Autumn

     September is a month where we face our losses bravely, getting our hearts ready for inevitable winter. This autumn, after watching the rains of Hurricane Rita slash sideways in Texas, I look out my window at the still green trees of my Vancouver neighbourhood and feel fortunate indeed. The sun shines. My dog sleeps. I know that our own cold rains are coming, but can easily put the thought out of my mind. Soon enough, as one of my students reminded me in class yesterday, we’ll all face piles of autumn leaves. Raking will begin. Then, the rain will make the piles sodden and heavy. The trees will stand naked against our grey November skies; we will hold umbrellas against the gusty winds. And, soon enough, our hearts will face the winter, a time where all the gains of spring are forgotten, a time where we are reminded of our own predictable decline. (153 words; first draft by Brad Hyde on September 24, 2005)





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