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The paragraph below was written
to show the opposite position to a persuasive paragraph on fast food. The original paragraph, outlining the dangers of fast food, follows the new paragraph, outlining the positive points!


Fast Food? Enjoy Your Dinner!

     Fast food gets bad press these days, especially since it often contains too much fat, sodium and calories, but it brings much needed convenience to our stressful busy world. Fast food is easily found and varied. At any mall, for example, customers have many choices at the food court. To avoid too much fat or salt, they can choose healthier options: salads, turkey sandwiches and so on. On a busy Saturday, with two hungry kids, a mother out shopping is happy to find exactly the right food to eat. Not only that, but the food will be ready quickly, thus reducing the stress on her from demanding children. Fast food is also inexpensive; most menu items offer a full meal for under ten dollars. It is easy to see why fast food is so popular these days—it is convenient and reduces our stress. (144 words; first draft writing by Brad Hyde on April 6, 2005)

Fast Food? Be Careful What You Eat!

     Fast food is convenient when in a rush, but it is a bad idea to eat it too much or too often. Recently, McDonald’s featured a two dollar deal: Big Mac and small fries. Very tempting, and my son (who doesn’t normally eat at McDonald’s) bought this meal last week. What is the nutritional content of a Big Mac and fries? The hamburger contains 570 calories; almost half (280 calories) come from fat. Ten grams is saturated, the most dangerous and harmful to our heart. The Canadian Food Guide recommends that we "choose lower-fat foods more often." My son also ate a small fries! Unfortunately, they contain 210 calories, with 10 more grams of fat (1.5 grams saturated). He bought a drink as well, which adds another 150 calories (small size). Imagine he eats this dinner more than once a week! A two dollar meal contains a lot of fat. So, although fast food is very convenient (and cheap) to buy, it includes lots of fat—I think I’ll go and eat an apple, instead! (Written as an example of persuasive writing, using facts to support opinions; 172 words—revised in 2005)




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