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The paragraphs below were written to show how to use indirect characterization in writing a description of a person. Note how a descriptive adjective is only used in the topic and concluding sentences.

The body paragraphs here would be suitable for a standard, 300-word,  essay.

Paragraph One: (note that this is one paragraph for a standard, three body paragraph, essay)

     My friend John is an easygoing guy. Usually, he wears jeans or shorts and doesn’t worry too much about fashion. When his daughter comes up crying and says she’s having trouble with a friend, he says, “That’s okay. Everything will work out.” One day, my dog bit John, hard, on his leg and tore his pants. He said not to worry about it. Actually, he said it was his fault because he had disturbed the dog. So, you can easily see how relaxed John is in life. (87 words)

Paragraph Two: (note that this is one paragraph for a standard, three body paragraph, essay)

     Mary is the most generous person that I know. Each week, she goes to East Hastings and volunteers at the soup kitchen. She works there for three hours, serving meals to hungry people. Not only that, but she also puts a few dollars worth of food into the food bank box every time she shops at Safeway. In addition, she tends the garden of her elderly neighbour who is unable to take care of it anymore. My friend Mary’s generosity is known to everyone. (84 words)




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