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  Brad's Teacher Writing (Current Sample)

This week, English 10 students worked on writing about a favourite place using only the sense of touch and hearing.


My Hammock

      I lie down and feel the strings of my hammock against my back. Through the strings, a breeze caresses my skin. My bare foot is pushing the rough bark of the cherry tree to rock my gently. Sunshine warms my skin. Tashi, my little dog, makes ripping sounds as she eats the grass in one of my wifeís garden pots. A large bird passes overhead and I hear the flapping sound of its wings. Further away, the cars on Main Street make a dull roar. In the distance, I can hear the soccer players shouting to each other on the fields of Hillcrest Park. Next door, my French Canadian neighbour is speaking Mandarin with his father-in-law. Inside my house, the drumbeat of Hip Hop music lets me know that my son has arrived home from college. Ah, bliss! But, whatís this? My neighbour comes out with his weed trimmer and soon all I can hear is its incessant, annoying whine. óby Brad Hyde; first draft (160 words)




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