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The paragraph below was written for a topic in the Writing Practice classes about what makes us angry.


Neighbourhood Litterbugs

       One thing that makes me really angry is litterbugs. A litterbug is a person who drops things on the ground, expecting someone else to pick it up. All around my children's former elementary school you can find candy wrappers, lunch bags and rotten fruit. It's disgusting! Unfortunately, the children may not be forced to pick up this mess because that job is reserved for the unionized custodians. But, the custodians don't have much time to clean up since we have had so many cutbacks to education funding. The result is the boulevards around the school always look untidy. I should add that the dog owners, seeing the mess there, then feel free to leave their dog poops, too. It's really a bad example to show the neighbourhood, a generally clean and well-tended place. Inconsiderate people who litter is one of the things that makes me angry! 146 words; following standard paragraph structure with a topic and concluding sentence and title; by Brad Hyde, May 19, 2005.




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