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The paragraph below was written for a class exercise Using Infinitives as Nouns and Adjectives.


My Students’ Choice to Study
(Demonstrating infinitives acting as adjectives and nouns)

      To choose study over a relaxing evening at home is a choice my students make that I admire very much. It cannot be an easy thing to do, working all day long and then coming to see a writing teacher in a stuffy upstairs classroom. I can see all your faces from the front: the ones who sit alertly, the ones who can barely keep eyes open, the ones who look hungry for a late dinner. To sit there at all means a student has decided that study here is worthwhile and for that I am grateful. You are my work. You are the ones who have taken the time to study. Thank you for choosing to come tonight and for your trust in my teaching. (126 words; first draft written by Brad Hyde on January 20, 2005)