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The paragraph below was written as a reaction to an article by Heather Mallick titled, "O Canada I pay my tax for thee." In the article, Mallick argues that Canadians should pay taxes with "a lighter heart." I agree.


Taxes? Of Course!
(reacting to an article on persuasion)

      It must be obvious to you that I was persuaded by Mallick's article, especially since I chose it to use as a study in persuasion. It is very important to me, since a large number of newcomers to Canada have, in my teaching experience, had such strong and negative feelings about the Canadian tax system. As Mallick says, many of us do think of "taxes as tapeworms," and see them as stealing "all that is good." I am, however, most persuaded by her long list of items that shows the many ways that "Taxes ease our daily lives." One of the items, "teacher training," really made me think about the support my society gives to its professionals. Through our system of taxation, more than 50% of the total cost of post secondary education is paid for; one result is the teacher who teaches you today, along with the classroom space, paper and so on. I have no doubt that paying taxes is "a means to a good end," and hope that some of you will change your way of thinking, too. (181 words; first draft writing by Brad Hyde; March 30, 2005)




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