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June 3, 2006

To Be a Canadian

The day began with arrests in Toronto, allegations of terrorism and a plot against the heart of our country. Canadians are a target, a people deserving death and mayhem strewn randomly on a downtown street.

Canada’s multi-cultural mosaic is a uniquely Canadian experience. We need to walk through this together.

Today, at our neighbourhood’s yearly fair, we enjoyed a rare spring sunshine, bands on streetside stages, walked on sidewalks filled with all manner of characters.

The Main Street Spring Fair, the festival atmosphere—multicoloured, multicultural, and often delicious— reminds me of our “Canadianess,” for want of a better word.

I feel comfortable here and want to think the best of my fellows.

So I walk my neighbourhood streets and remember that Canada has welcomed many people to our shores. In these troubled times, I am reminded of how much being Canadian has enriched my life—I wouldn’t want it any other way.



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