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Brad's Teacher Writing April 20, 2000

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Three Problems: Three Solutions (Use of Colon)

     It seems to me that my most pressing problems concern maintaining my house. There are three that I hope to solve in the next sixty days: the broken seal in my front window, the sagging corner of my back deck, and the dripping faucet in my bathtub. The first problem will be easy to solve. All I need to do is call my favourite window man, and he will measure, take out the old window, and replace it with a new one. The second problem wonít be so easy. There is only one person who can do the job: me! I will have to jack up the deck, put in a new post, replace some rotten wood, and then paint everything a new colour. The final problem, my bathtub faucet, is trickier than it sounds. Actually, the tile in my bathroom needs replacing, so I will have to remove it, fix the wall behind, call in a plumber to install new pipes, and then put up new tiles. Perhaps I wonít quite finish this one in the next sixty days, especially since it is my wife who is good at putting up tiles. She would rather not; however, I hope she changes her mind because the old tiles and drippy faucet are a nuisance. If I can fix these three problems, I will be free then to choose three more as Iím sure you know that maintaining a house is a never-ending project.

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