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Brad's Teacher Writing October 16, 1999


A Journey Together

     Meeting my wife, living beside her, and continuing on with her, has been an interesting journey. The voyage began at the Montreal train station, strangely enough, twenty years ago. We shared a train car by chance that night and like two ships almost passed in the dark, unknown to each other. Luckily, she thought I looked interesting, and so joined with me and some other passengers for a drink in the bar car of the train. At first the years passed slowly, filled with the new stories only young lovers can tell; five years seemed a long time then, as if we would always feel sunshine on us and never any hint of fall winds. With children our lives speeded up, while, at the same time, we seemed to go backwards, enjoying the memories of our own childhood as we watched our son and daughter grow. Now, to be together, still moving forward through life I realize how true are the words of a favourite poet: “Nothing’s a gift; everything’s on loan”. The metaphor in the seasons is much clearer to me now. Every Spring is a victory; every Fall a small dying; every Winter perhaps the last. Still, this period of my life has given me such delight that I would gladly go back in time to relive it all again.

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