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Brad's Teacher Writing September 20, 1999

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An Unusual Marriage

     The way my wife and I got married was unusual. I loved the woman who would be my wife, yet I hadn’t married her, although we had already lived together for five years. The time had come, however, and so we went to the marriage commissioner in the West End of Vancouver, along with two of our close friends who would be our witnesses. The marriage itself took only about 20 minutes, for we didn’t need much time for a short, civil ceremony. From there, we went to have lunch with our friends at the English Bay Café. Then, we caught an evening ferry to Nanaimo. It was winter, the 28th of December, so the weather was cold. Something funny happened, however. On the ferry, we heard the horn sound many times. I didn’t look outside, nor did my wife. Imagine our surprise when, as we landed at Nanaimo, we found that a blizzard had begun with the road covered in 7 or 8 centimeters of snow! We spent the weekend at our little mountain cabin and could barely stay warm. On Sunday, the snow had reached over 35 centimeters and had reached to the bottom of the door of our big, old Chevrolet. We made it home, fortunately. I will never forget our marriage and especially interesting honeymoon.

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