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Brad's Teacher Writing April 13, 2000

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    An Exercise in Procrastination

     One example of procrastination I can think of was when I first went back to university in the early 1990’s. It had been a long time since I had studied and, frankly, I was a little scared. My first course was in Canadian history; my first task: to write an essay. In fact, I had to write six, but the first one was the worst, by far. The difficult part was that I had no time limits because my course was taken through the Open University. Since this was before I owned a computer, all my work had to be done on an electric typewriter. That alone was a good reason to procrastinate. On this machine I could make mistakes and waste paper. Researching and writing a history essay, you may know, requires piling up notes, and referencing every thing you write. What a horrible task! What a long time it took! Finally, however, I was able to hand in my first paper. A B+. Not too bad for a first effort, I thought. I did get better at it eventually and finished the course in only eight months. After that, I returned to my old school, Simon Fraser University, and took courses with firm deadlines. Not that I didn’t procrastinate—I did, often—but with a date circled on the calendar, I always finished my courses in the required thirteen weeks.

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