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Brad's Teacher Writing October 9, 1999

     A Perfect Place and a Perfect Plan

     I often visit the alpine areas of British Columbia, and one that seems well planned is a ridge near Mount Albert Edward on Vancouver Island. Naturally, there is a flat spot at the top with convenient rocks strewn about, perfect for leaning back on while eating lunch. The wind blows just enough to cool a weary hiker after a long climb, and, more importantly, keeps away the pesky mosquitoes and flies that live in the rocks below my feet. On those rocks is a crust of lichen that reminds me that I'm not in Stanley Park while, at the same time, tickling my back through my shirt. Turn one way and I can see the long climb ahead and thus plan the best route to the top. Turn the other and I see the gulf with its islands where, I know, friends await my return. There are just enough bees buzzing around to create a pleasant background sound, but the wind dominates everything, caressing my ears with its rushing hands. Even the coolness of the air seems designed to get me moving again, on down the slope to my next destination: a waterfall hidden playfully under a bridge of ice left over from the winter before. When I visit places such as this, I know it must be God’s hand because it is so beautiful, so inspirational, and so real.

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