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 Be Careful with Love : Using Strong Verbs

 "Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast" says the Friar to Romeo in the play, Romeo and Juliet. This couldn’t be more true when it applies to Valentine’s Day. They say that you can’t hurry love, but sometimes people rush into things and then regret it later. On February 14, it is time to say, "I love you," to someone special, perhaps even to give them a present. Be careful, however, because if the other person is not pleased with your gift, this may cause trouble. Sometimes, a person stumbles when trying to show love to someone. Instead of laughing with delight, the loved one cries. Maybe you’ve given him chocolates without knowing about a serious allergy; maybe you’ve given her yellow roses without knowing they mean jealousy. At times like that, hug your loved one and apologize. Next time, remember what the Friar said to Romeo and go slower; the results might surprise you.

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 (February 11, 1999)