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The following paragraph was written for a class exercise in Advanced Composition titled Using Adverbs to Compare: More and Most The adverbs are in italics.

Expecting Changes
Getting older has forced me to recognize that change is constant. Contrary to what I expected, I walk more quickly now than I did ten years ago. Over the years, my behaviour has changed gradually. I can no longer rely on my flexibility, strength, and endurance, so I must work hard to maintain my body, to make the best use I can of my capacity. My parents always say, “Your health is the most important thing. Without it, you have nothing.” Being in the middle of life, I have found a new interest in mathematics: how many years since; how many (possibly) left? I could find this all depressing, but with the new perspective I have gained, I now live most happily when I remember the importance of living well every day, expecting changes and living with them whatever comes my way. (142 words; revised from a piece written originally in February 2002 by Brad Hyde)

Some Common Adverb Comparisons

Positive Form

Comparative Form

Superlative Form


  more carefully

  most carefully


  more easily

  most easily


  more frequently

  most frequently


  more slowly

  most slowly


  more softly

  most softly

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