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Brad's Teacher Writing February 18, 1999

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Changing a Bad Habit
Use of Coordination and Subordination

    One of the habits I would like to change the most concerns communicating with my children: I sometimes react too quickly, so I regret my actions. Although I usually do fairly well communicating with them, it isn’t always true. My son comes in with his friends and, after they leave, I often find some mess left behind. Recently, I noticed two or three drink boxes in the backyard of my house. Without thinking, I accused my son of letting his friends take the drinks—normally reserved only for school lunches—and got angry about them taking things without permission. My son angrily denied this. Later, my wife informed me that my daughter and her friend had had the drinks the weekend before. Now came the hardest part! Since I had unfairly accused my son, I needed to apologize. Luckily for me, my son has a strong sense of fairness, so he accepted my apology with no hard feelings. These kinds of communications are important between parents and children, yet, as can be seen in my example, it isn’t always easy. I am not sure if I will ever be completely rid of this habit, but I hope to control it better in the future.





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