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The following paragraph was written for a class exercise in Basic Composition titled Noun Clause as Object of a Sentence The noun clauses as objects are in italics.

An Important Choice

Buying a house was a bit scary, but I’ve never regretted it. My wife and I didn’t know whom we should talk to about the purchase. Luckily, we found two very amiable real estate agents. Then, we had to decide where we should look, deciding on East Vancouver near Commercial Drive or in the Capitol Hill area of Burnaby. Strangely, we bought our house in an area where we weren’t looking! A friend spotted the perfect house near Main Street in Vancouver and told us. When you see the right house, you know it in about 30 seconds. It may not be perfect, but it seems people know what is right for them. Having the light of the sun in the kitchen for breakfast and in the living room in the evening made us want the house. We bought the house and soon discovered that, when the wind blew the rain from the south-east, the roof leaked! It took me years to figure out how to fix that leaky roof; still, I have no regrets.

175 words; first draft written on May 20, 1999; revised from 256 words down to 175 in 2013

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