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 A Forgetful Boy: Demonstrating Verbs Followed by Gerunds or Infinitive (Direct Object)

One day in my first year of school, something really funny happened to me: I forgot to go back into the school after recess and instead went home to see my mother for lunch. I was only six years old at the time and since in those days there was no kindergarten, this was my first year in school. It was quite a long walk home, and I remember noticing how quiet the streets were that day. No children were running and laughing at all. To this day I still don’t know why this silence didn’t alert me to my mistake. When I got home, I stopped to play in the driveway beside my house. It seemed a bit odd that my mother wasn’t there, but at that time, and in that small town, I wasn’t really very worried about it. It was only about eleven in the morning, however, so my mother didn’t arrive for quite some time. When she did, I stopped playing to greet her. Of course she cried out, "What are you doing home so early!" After that, she made my sister and I our lunches and sent us both back for the afternoon. Because of my mistake, though, I developed a bad stomach ache, thinking of how the other kids would react to what had happened. Of course, six-year-olds don’t really notice too much, so I don’t remember being teased at all. I do remember trying to relieve the pain in my stomach by hanging over the straps of the swing set outside my class. When the principal came out to ring his big silver bell, I was relieved to go back into my class.

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 (May 13, 1999)