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Brad's Teacher Writing September 25, 2000

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Going Crazy with the Noise

     One of the more serious environmental problems in our city is one that people often miss: noise pollution. Studies have repeatedly shown that excessive noise causes increased stress; however, noise is often dismissed as a less serious form of pollution. This summer, two houses have been built on my street, and my next door neighbour has renovated his kitchen as well. One day, across the street from my house, a man cut stones with a saw, making a terrible whine that sounded like fingernails scratching a blackboard. In the back, a carpenter sawed wood and hammered nails; as a result, I nearly went crazy. I couldn't escape the noise. Then, one morning, the men from the city works arrived at 7:00 to begin tearing up the street in front of my house. Normally, construction cannot begin before 7:30, so my wife went out to stop them. She said you cannot begin to make noise at this time of the morning; in fact, the city has its own rule, and is allowed to start 30 minutes earlier than anyone else! Because it is impossible to escape noise, it is very hard on us, both emotionally and physically. For me, especially after this long summer, I find noise pollution to be one of the most serious kinds of pollution. Unfortunately, the third house will begin construction next week; as a result, I hope for lots of rainy days when it is possible to keep my windows firmly closed.

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