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Brad's Teacher Writing May 6, 1999

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A Great Restaurant: Basic Composition

     Most of my students know how much I love to eat, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone if I write about my favourite restaurant. The one I would recommend that you go to is called Sawasdee. Located on Main Street and 27th Avenue, this place has wonderful food. The owner is from Thailand, a place where cooks use many interesting ingredients in the food, from lemon grass to hot chilies. On Fridays, I often desire that we go to the Sawasdee to get some really good takeout food. When I do, I call up the restaurant to order the "chili of the day", stuffed chicken wings, and broccoli in garlic sauce. Soon, I am walking back to my house with the aroma of hot Thai food tickling my nose. I prefer that we eat the food with a glass of white wine to help cool the heat. One problem is that this restaurant is too close to my house! Then, my wife requires that I not eat there very often because it might get too expensive. If you would like to try this place, it costs about 25 dollars to get take-out for two people, not including the wine.

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