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Brad's Teacher Writing October 30, 1999

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Hallowe'en Excitement
(Illustrating sentence emphasis)

     My experiences with Hallowe’en are memorable ones. Every year it was the same: days and days of anticipation followed by an explosion of excitement, especially on the afternoon before we began trick or treating. Crazy with the wait, my brother and sisters would watch anxiously for darkness to come. Dinner, usually served around 5:30 in my home, was on the table early to allow us time to dress in our costumes and get out as soon as it was dark. We scarcely touched our dinners. My siblings and I, vibrating with anxiety, jumped into our costumes while our mother stood guard at the door. When she had decided that it was dark enough, my brother and sisters and I would bolt from the door to begin our rounds. We ran, up one set of stairs and down another, barely stopping to yell out our standard greeting (at that time, it was “Hallowe’en Handouts!”), and lugged our pillow slips to as many houses as possible. Occasionally, we savoured a candy or two, but it was serious business, Hallowe’en, and so we worked up quite a sweat in the cool autumn air. In those days, it was a rare house that was dark that night. The neighbourhoods were aglow with porch lights and jack-o-lanterns glowered everywhere. At the time, too, the children were much more numerous than today. We were the kings of the night, demanding our treasure. Later, though, my mother would freeze some of our goodies for fear of the dentist or the sick tummy from eating so many sweet things. The next day we felt almost numb, but still remembered the pleasure of a night where our neighbours celebrated the little goblins in their midst. Luckily for me, my neighbourhood today has many trick or treaters every year, but it’s not the same as when we went out for one night each year and took over our neighbourhood for a few magic hours.

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