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The following paragraph was written for a class exercise in Advanced Composition titled Description: Writing about a Place.

A Special Haven

       I find a
haven inside my car while I drive to or from  work. Many people share my love of a car "cocoon." Here, I enjoy listening to CBC radio personalities: in the morning, Rick Cluff; at noon, Mark Forsythe; in the evening, Jane Farrow. It's like being in a private living room—I can laugh at their jokes, even sing along with the music they play. You may have noticed people like me, singing by themselves in their cars! In my Corolla, I also enjoy the warm aroma of the plastic, either baking under the hot sun or coming from the heater at my feet. A car is like an old shoe, full of interesting smells. Even the smell of gasoline that lingers after filling up makes me happy. The inside of my car, while I drive it to work, is really a great refuge, and it gives me the opportunity to both get ready for work and to prepare for my life at home, away from the demands of working life.

—Brad Hyde (174 words; original draft October, 2001; revised February, 2013)

An Exercise in Procrastination
Brad writes two paragraphs on procrastination that also illustrate how to use parallel structures effectively. February 3, 2013