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Life in the Woods (Uses of Would)

     As a young boy, I would love to spend most of my time in the woods around my home. Most of you are familiar with this area, as you can still see part of it near the Edmonds Skytrain station. Every summer morning, my friends and I would leave, lunch packed in a bag, and head for the forest. That’s the way we thought of it: as a vast area of trees, and a place for adventure. Once there, we began our activities. One favourite, I’m almost ashamed to admit, was cutting down trees with an old axe we’d found. There is something very satisfying about the sudden sharp crack as the wood gives way and then the huge thud as the tree hits the forest floor. Sometimes, adults caught us at some mischief. Then, we would rather have been anywhere else than that forest! One time, my friends and I got caught in someone’s shed. The owner came and we ran. Unfortunately, my two friends went on opposite sides of a pole; their pack straps caught and the crack I heard then was the sound of one boy’s arm breaking. Needless to say, the owner forgave us and helped get my friend some medical attention. Now, as an adult, I still spend a few days in the forest every year and, even now, the smell of trees and the crunch of leaves underfoot give me a feeling of peaceful contentment.

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