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Brad's Teacher Writing June 1, 2000

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Metaphors on Writers and Writing

     A writer is like a man who dreams that he has gone to work wearing only his pajamas. He is terrified that others will find him ridiculous. Like the man in the dream, his clothes might be inappropriate to the office, perhaps his words are as well.

     Writing is an onion. Each time you peel back a layer of meaning, there is another one just below. If you try to write too quickly, to cut too deeply into your soul, you may end up in tears.

    A writer is like an auto mechanic. He is never quite satisfied that everything is running as smoothly as possible. Making adjustments, listening to the purr of well-tuned words, makes the writer a happy man.

     Writing is a good, wholesome soup. It begins with the best stock, made out of the bones and gristle and flesh of grammar. Then, the writer adds fresh adjectives and metaphor, spicing his words again and again, until the taste of each sentence is perfect.

     Writing is a field after a fresh spring rain. In it, life is reawakened, wet, ready to grow into something more substantial. It smells good, better than almost anything else imaginable, the promise of words waiting for the sun to warm them.


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