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 The following paragraph was written in response to the lesson,  Adjectives: Paragraph Assignment and provides an example of using a set of adjectives in order to write a practice paragraph.

Winter Misery: Sample Practice Adjective Paragraph

umThe weather we have been having lately has made my life miserable. As a dog owner, I must walk outside every day, and, no matter what the weather, I spend between one and one and a half hours outside. The rainy conditions make me feel blue. My dog has even stopped asking, sometimes, to go outside for a walk. Lucky for me she often prefers her cozy perch on the end of my bed! Usually, however, we have to go out to give her some exercise. The park we go to is horrible these days: the rain has soaked the grass so much that ducks are swimming on the playing fields. That may seem funny to you, but when my old boots developed a leak this week, I didn’t think so. The cold water seeped all over my socks, and I felt like I was walking barefoot through the park. I do love my dog very much, but this winter I would have preferred to put on my old fuzzy housecoat and sit, quietly reading my paper, watching the rain hurl itself against the windows of my house. This winter misery will end soon, I hope!

—originally written in February, 1999


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