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 My Brother: Illustrating Parallel Structure

I know my brother pretty well since I shared a bedroom with him for 20 years, so it will be easy to describe him for you. Also a teacher, he works in Burnaby near Metrotown and, no surprise, he works with adult students as well. He has brown hair and blue eyes, but he’s shorter than I. Like me, he loves to read the paper, listen to music, and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Unlike me, he’s a bachelor who lives in an apartment. I, on the other hand, am a married man who lives in a house. Luckily for my parents, he has more free time to come over to visit and help them with chores around the house. Although I certainly don’t see my brother as often as I did before—he probably remembers that I stayed up too late reading books and keeping him awake—I’m lucky that he lives close by. One last thing comes to mind when I think of my brother: he loves to ride his bicycle all around the Lower Mainland. For that he can thank me, the big brother who rode all the way across the country! Now, I never ride anymore, but he does. My mother tells me that when she brought him home from the hospital I had only one thing to say, "Mine David!" I guess that’s why we shared a room so happily all those years.

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 (February 24, 1999)