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Certificate Test 

The two essays were written in the English 10 classes on Wednesday, May 31, 2000. Each one follows the proper structure and word count. Students helped with ideas and sentences; the teacher wrote the sentences and paragraphs.

Topic One: Many Canadians have become overweight in the past few decades. Why do you think this has happened?

A Fat Nation (a.m. class)

     Recently, I saw a program on TV about overweight babies. One of them, at 12 months, was 120 pounds. Although most Canadians are not quite so fat as this, we do have problems with our weight. There are three factors that contribute to this problem.

     Parents cause a lot of obesity in children. Parents are busy these days, so they rely on convenience foods in order to serve dinner quickly. Frozen pizzas, for example, contain a lot of fat and salt in order for them to taste good. Another problem is parents allow their children to eat sugar-sweetened cereals for breakfast because the children demand them after seeing advertisements on TV. Since parents give such foods regularly, children start out overweight and will continue to be later in life.

     Canadians lack of exercise is a major cause of their weight problems. We have fallen in love with the convenience of our cars. Every errand is done with cars. Few of us walk anymore. At home, we have all kinds of machines to do our physical labour. Even bread making, which used to require some hard work when kneading the dough, is now done automatically. Thus, Canadians weight problem is related to their lifestyle.

     Fast food is the most serious cause of problems with our weight. A Big Mac, fries, and a milkshake contain enough fat to meet the total daily allowed for an adult male. Nutritionists advise us to eat about 25% of our total daily calories in the form of fat. Fast food, however, is usually much higher than this. If we eat it frequently, it is easy to exceed the recommended amount. So, as Canadians have eaten more fast food, their trouble with their waistline has increased.

     These three are some major causes of obesity in Canadians today. If we behave in this way, we will continue to suffer problems with our weight. Overweight people are often unhealthy. It’s never too late to begin. Start by walking 10 minutes more every day, and you will be surprised with the results.

Topic Two: Of the forms of entertainment which are popular today, which do you find least appealing? Discuss.

Some Unattractive Entertainment (p.m. class)

     Entertainment often brings to mind a positive picture. We may imagine a good football match, or a beautiful symphony. Some forms of entertainment, however, are less appealing. Here are three kinds that I personally dislike. 

     Gambling does not appeal to me for a variety of reasons. Often, a man gets home late from the casino, and meets his wife at the door. They argue loudly, wake the children, and disturb the neighbours. Later, the wife cannot pay for her groceries because her husband spent all the money on gambling. Not only that, but he also owes a criminal even more money. Gambling causes family trouble and that is why it doesn’t appeal to me. 

     Another form of entertainment I find unattractive is boxing. During a violent match, both boxer’s faces may be covered in blood and their eyes swollen shut. Each boxer punches without mercy. The whole idea is to knock out the other boxer. Broken noses, teeth, ribs are common; however, the worst are the injuries to the brain. Boxers get “punch drunk”, which is a condition caused by too many punches to the head. I find this disgusting and violent and do not find boxing appealing at all. 

    Video games don’t interest me either. Boys love to play first person shooter games like “Doom”. In these kinds of games, the object is to kill everyone who gets in your way and then reach a target. Each killing shows blood, and even things like someone’s head being blown off. While the boys play, you cannot communicate with them. The games are addictive and it is almost impossible to get their attention. Therefore, I don’t want to spend any of my time in this manner. 

     Video games, boxing, and gambling hold no appeal for me. Causing trouble for my family by gambling too much, or watching big men beat each other to a pulp, or playing a game where I see blood and guts on the ground does not interest me at all. I prefer to walk my dog around the park.







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