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On a Sunny Day: Basic Composition, March 25
Examples of Appositive Phrases

     I like to do a number of things when it is sunny, depending on the time of year. The sun, that beautiful yellow orb, hasn’t been seen that much in Vancouver this winter. When it has been sunny recently, I have just gone outside as quickly as possible and put my whole body into the sun. It is so nice to feel its warmth! In the summer, however, I am not always quite so pleased with being in the sun. Then, I, a man who gets hot and sweaty easily, would rather stay in the shade, the cool dark shadow of a leafy tree for example. There, I sit in my hammock, drink lemonade, and read a good book until the sun is lower in the sky. At the end of one of those long, lazy summer days, I will often walk with my wife and admire the sunset that illuminates the clouds of the horizon in pink and gold. Since I’ve lived on the West Coast for some 35 years, I don’t expect the sun very much and really enjoy it when it does come out. In fact, when I was a small boy, newly arrived from Manitoba, it rained just like this year during the winter. I missed the sunny winter days so much that my mother worried about my health. Luckily for all of us, the winters are not always so rainy. I enjoy being in the sun and love its warmth, especially when it happens less often. See the original assignment


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