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The Places I've Lived: Basic Composition, March 11

    I’ve lived in a quite a large number of places. Before I can remember, I lived in Alberta in a small town called Taber. This town is where my parents met and got married and is famous for sugar beets that are made into white sugar. Next, I lived in another small town, Morden, which is located near the U.S. border in the province of Manitoba. This town I do remember very well since I spent my early childhood years there (from age two to about age seven and a half). I loved to play in the fields outside the town with my sister and brother. It was a time I felt very free. Then, in 1963, I moved to Burnaby with my family. I lived there for four years. Again, I enjoyed playing outside in the forest near what is now the Edmonds Skytrain Station. One day, my friends and I got caught in someone’s garden shed and when we ran away, my friend broke his arm when his backpack caught on a post. After living in Burnaby, I moved to New Westminster,  where my parents and sister live to this day. You may know that I had gone to New Westminster Secondary School in the late 60’s and early 70’s before I came back here to teach in 1987. I finally left home and lived for a short time in Maple Ridge where I had a summer job. Then, I moved to North Vancouver to attend Capilano College. There, I studied Outdoor Recreation Management for two years. After that, I spent a couple of months staying with my sister in Vancouver before I moved to Quebec City in order to learn French. Last, I came back to Vancouver and I will have lived there for 19 years this coming May, so, as you can see, I have really lived in quite a few places in my life! See the original assignment


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