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Brad's Teacher Writing October 1, 1999

     Buying a Car: Not an Easy Choice

     I’ve been trying to decide which car to purchase lately, and, believe me, it’s been a difficult process. Either the car I want is too expensive, or some authority does not recommend it. My problem is that I can only afford a used car; however, the good cars are well known and expensive, and the lemons are known to all. Sometimes I think I am either going to go crazy or going to go broke! What seems ideal is to find the good car that no one has heard of and buy that one. Recently, I drove a Toyota Tercel, a car I had previously thought might be a good purchase, especially since it has a good reputation (and an expensive resale price). I wasn’t impressed. It handled poorly and was noisy. Either the car or the wallet I guess when it comes to buying a used car. Finally, I decided that the best solution is to continue driving my present car until some service problem is just too expensive to fix. Then, with all the research I’ve been doing lately, I should be in a position to make a good choice; besides, I may have a bit more money in my pocket by then!

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