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Some Thoughts on Status

My thoughts on status are varied and difficult to explain. I like to think that I don’t really care about it, but then I notice myself admiring the fancy new BMW sports car at the car dealer. And yes, I would like to drive it, saying to myself, "It’s only because it is so nicely engineered." Perhaps I am fooling myself, however, and I really want to be seen in the new car and have come to believe that such a car would make me more popular and more attractive. Fortunately for my bank account, I don’t really own any status symbols. My cars are older, family models. My house is a 60 year old one and a half story on an East Vancouver street. My watch is an eight year old Timex. Even my stereo is more than 20 years old! Even though I don’t have any status symbols now, I still buy the 6-49 tickets and dream about all the things I could have. It is funny for me to think of how I would buy so much stuff if I had money, but really I am happy enough now. Why is that? There must be a very powerful force at work in our culture if I, who really has everything he needs, feel that I would seek status symbols if I had the money. Perhaps the best thing for me would be to never win the lottery!

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 (January 14, 2009)