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Brad's Teacher Writing February 3, 2000

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Too Young for Study

     When I was seventeen, I went to UBC for two years and now that I look back I have some regrets. If I had been older, I would probably have had more fun and benefited more from my studies. I had never really seriously thought about not going to university right away. My father had gone to UBC; my sister had enrolled the year before. There was no question. When I say I was seventeen, I mean really seventeen. My birthday had been in May and I began to attend in September, so I finished my first two years before the age of nineteen. It was a lonely time. UBC had over 24 thousand students that year and I felt lost among them. If I had had the maturity of age, I would have gotten more from that experience, Iím sure. Because I had skipped a grade of school, I was young at the end of high school as well. Intellectually, I was a mature young man; socially, I was a beginner. University is a place that offers both intellectual and social stimulation. I feel now that I only experienced half of what it could have offered. You may wonder why I said I only attended for two years; the reason is I quit my studies at age nineteen, rode my bicycle to Halifax on the Atlantic Coast, and then went to work for the telephone company. After working there, I was sure I would return to university eventually, but not before I spent some years working and travelling. Perhaps if I had been thinking more clearly at the time, I would have done this sooner, and begun my studies when I was more ready to benefit from them.

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