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Brad's Teacher Writing November 3,  2000

Other Teacher Writing:

The following paragraph demonstrates the use of infinitives as nouns and adjectives. Examples are in italics.  It is the result of a class exercise in Advanced Composition.

To Study, Again

     Iíve been thinking about study for some time now, but havenít decided, finally, what plan to follow. As some of you know, I returned to the university in the early 90ís, completing an extra year of education. Since I received my degree in 1996, however, I have not studied. To go again would require a few changes to my life that I am not sure I am ready to make. For one thing, I worry about the many assignments to complete, and how I will find the time. To be a student again, although I have done it before, is not an easy decision to make. But there is one thing that helps me: if I do get the extra education, my employer will increase my rate of pay substantially. As a part-time teacher, my pension will be based on my earnings; perhaps this fact will motivate me to study again.







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