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The italicized text below shows you how to use verbs followed by gerunds in your writing. Make note of them and then try it  for yourself!

Weight Training for All: Illustrating Verbs Followed by Gerunds

I enjoy lifting weights at the Fitness Centre and believe this activity offers many benefits. Before a person begins to lift weights, however, he or she should be sure to see the staff person at a fitness centre for advice and a personal weight-training program. I’ve been lifting weights now for almost ten years and miss doing my exercise very much if I haven’t the time. After a good workout, I feel more energetic and, surprisingly, I also feel less hungry! My wife doesn’t like to cook for me if I have a workout too close to dinner since I often can’t finish eating.Lifting weights builds muscle strength and flexibility as well. My program uses a high number of repetitions and a low weight, so there is little danger of hurting myself. When I do heavy physical work around my house, I am protected because my muscles are always strong and flexible. Another important benefit from weight-training is heavier bones; women, in particular, can delay serious problems by lifting weights to build up their bones. Remember that walking is also weight-bearing exercise, so there is no excuse for not participating. Personally, I think that anyone can benefit from lifting weights regularly and hope that everyone who reads this paragraph will consider finding out about the many benefits.

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 (April 1, 1999; some revisions in November 2013)