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Level 3 Vocabulary Words  March 10, 2000

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Level 3 Vocabulary:
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Vocabulary Notes from Science Level 3

A robot is a machine which can do things like people can. For example, a robot might weld metal on cars in a factory.

This is a kind of machine that works by itself. For example, a space ship without any people on it could be a robot. Often, a computer program operates it. A good example is the robots that do welding (using electricity to make heat and put two pieces of metal together) in Japanese automobile factories.

The work that would be most useful for a robot to do:

Building It would be useful because building work is dangerous for people, so robots would make it safer. Another reason is the work is not complicated, so a robot could do it. Also, robots could do repetitive and simple work much faster than we can. In addition, robots are stronger than people, so could carry more weight easily. Robots do not receive a paycheck, so it would be cheaper than people. A robot is not bothered by noise or bad weather like people are. Finally, robots follow a program, so the work would be consistent.

Cleaning  If a robot cleaned my house, I would have more time to watch TV or play with my kids, or attend classes at the ALC. Cleaning can damage our skin, so a robot would help us to keep beautiful hands. If I do the cleaning, dust and dirt gets into my face and lungs. A robot would help me to avoid this health risk. 

Farming robots because the work is hard, heavy and difficult. Because people dislike this kind of job, so robots would not complain. Because we can stay inside when it rains and let the robot go out. Because food would be cheaper to grow in this way.

Building robots would be useful because we can make the buildings in a factory. The robots would work faster and mass produce. There may be problems if people make the robot work too fast, or they try to “cut corners”.

Nanotechnology makes robots that are so small they can fit inside your blood vessels. These robots could fix problems with your heart, for example.

Some problems caused by using robots:

If we have robots, unemployment will increase. (Japanese auto welders are unemployed)

We may become big fat couch potatoes watching TV, playing Nintendo, and dying of heart attacks.





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