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Level 3 Vocabulary Words  February 11, 2000

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Level 3 Vocabulary:
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Vocabulary Notes from Science Level 3

bulletA bush is a low plant that stays each year (perennial). Rose is a bush you can see in Stanley Park and at your neighbour’s house. Tumbleweed is a bush. Rhododendrons and azaleas are beautiful bushes. Raspberries and blueberries grow on bushes.
bulletAnnual is a plant that is replanted every year. For example, the tomato plant is an annual. The rose is a perennial.
bulletPaleobotanists. The prefix “paleo” means “the study of ancient” The suffix “botanist” means a person who studies plants.
bulletA trace is a noun, which means a kind of image left behind by something, such as a plant or animal or footprint. The plant or animal is gone long ago. A fire chief may look for a trace of an illegal fire set by gasoline. This fire has a name: arson. The person is an arsonist.
bulletTiny is very very small. A baby could be tiny, but unusual ones only, or premature ones. Small children are under six years old or so.
bulletSimple could mean easy, but here it means not very complex. He is simple; he is not very intelligent. Actually he is far below normal. The opposite and also not very polite is to say an intelligent person is an egghead.
bulletDrifting with the currents: Moving without a special direction, pushed by wind or current of the water. The wood on the beach is called driftwood.
bulletPhotosynthesis is when plants make sunlight into food.
bulletAlgae are tiny water living plants. A pond is a small body of water (maybe as large as 100 by 100 meters) Scum is some plant, animal, or other stuff floating on the water. 
bulletHe is scum. Usually, this means he dishonest, dirty, or criminal in some way.

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