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Level 3 Vocabulary Words  February 19, 2000

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Level 3 Vocabulary:
Level 3 Vocab: May 26
Level 3 Vocab May 19
Level 3 Vocab May 1
Level 3 Vocab Mar. 15
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Level 3 Vocabulary-Nov 19
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Level 3 Vocab Oct. 29
Level 3 Vocab: Oct. 15
Level 3 Vocab: Oct 7
Level 3 Vocab: Sept

Vocabulary Notes from Social Studies Level 3

bulletA mountain chain: A series of mountains in a continuous line. For example, the Rocky Mountains are a mountain chain. Locally, we have the Coast Range.
bulletPlateaus are large flat land, higher than sea level. Someone said that Alberta was a plateau and she is correct. 
bulletRain forests are forests that grow from lots of rain. These forests are thick and full of tall trees.
bulletEquator is an imaginary line that divides the Earth into North and South.
bulletHemispheres are the regions of the Earth divided by the equator. We live in the Northern Hemisphere.
bulletCulture is the rules we live by, but these rules are usually not written down anywhere. However, everyone in that culture knows the rules.
bulletReligion is set of beliefs about a higher power than us.
bulletCustoms are the actions of culture. For example, in Holland the custom is to shake hands when meeting a friend (always).
bulletCattle are farm animals such as cows, pigs, horses etc..
bulletWeather is not equal to climate. Climate is all the weather on average. On average, Vancouver is pretty wet.
bulletMicroclimate is the local climate. In my neighbourhood, we have Little Mountain and this makes more snow fall at my house, than five blocks from me.
bulletA sphere is like a ball or a globe. The Earth is a sphere.

Quiz (Multiple Choice-10 Questions) on this word list. (Need a 4.0 + browser) Note that you need your reading to answer some of these questions. 




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