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Level 3 Vocabulary Words  May 1, 2000

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Level 3 Vocabulary:
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Vocabulary Notes from Level 3 Reading, Introduction to Mathematics

What underlies a house is its foundation. What underlies a good scientist is a good education.

Some children influence other children to do bad things. (They suggest they steal a car.)

A facet of life is school. Another facet is our home life. A diamond has many facets.

If my car is functioning, I am a happy man. If not, I wouldn’t be here to teach you today.

An enormous animal is a blue whale. He grew enormously because he ate at McDonald’s too much.

My watch is quite accurate; it only loses 2 seconds a month.

If you are efficient with your money, you will be able to save some of it.

Chaos is everything out of order. Example, war.

Theory is a guess about how something works. One theory is it is good to eat fiber because it may prevent colon cancer.

Vast is very large. The Sahara Desert is vast.

I am a scholar; I study very seriously.

To set the course is to plan the direction. When you sail a boat, you must set the course.

Harmony is important to every family. If we have it, we don’t fight with each other, we try to understand each other, we respect each other.

The Renaissance was when Europe had a big increase in art and science and technology. It means, literally, rebirth. Without a capital it means any kind of new direction in a subject or part of life.

A pen enables me to write.

A heresy is an idea that contradicts a religious teaching.

If I wear a blue shirt and then I have a car accident, do blue shirts cause accidents? No. This is not cause and effect. This is bad logic.

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