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Level 3 Vocabulary Words  October 15,  1999

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Idioms from the News and Weather Words

The sun shines brightly (adverb) today.
It was bit chilly (adjective) this morning.
I found the air “nippy” this morning.
“To nip” is to take a small piece out of something. A “nippy” day is one where you feel this on your cheeks.
I saw the “first frost” this morning. Just a little bit here and there on the roofs and the tops of cars.
If you want tulips, daffodils, crocuses in the Spring, plant your bulbs after the first frost.
The weather forecasters predict a “hard winter”. The air felt “refreshing” this morning.
It was chilly (adjective meaning a bit cold) this morning.
It was pretty crisp (adjective), wasn’t it? (Ann Q, the secretary, said this to me) It was a crisp morning. It was refreshing. It was also the “first frost” of this fall. 

Headline: “High-flying Cowpland suffers a reversal (noun)” He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Corel. He is in some kind of trouble in the business. He is accused of “insider trading”. We can also call him a “high flyer”. 
He drives a Porsche (150,000-dollar car)
He lives in a very large and fancy mansion in Toronto with gold in the glass of the windows. He has a beautiful wife who was a model. 
Li Ka Sheng is a high flyer. He is flashy. He shows off his money to us.

6/49 The Spend Doctor. He helps you to spend your money.

This is a “play on words”; it refers to a “spin doctor”. After the politician makes a mistake, he goes to see his “spin doctor” to ask for advice on what he should do. A spin doctor helps you to decide on the “spin”. The “spin” is the way we will solve a problem, or show ourselves to the public.

A beautiful woman is called a “bombshell”. The idea that a “bomb” was a kind of strong effect is about 300 years old in English. The Blonde Bombshell was a movie in 1934, starring Jean Harlow, a famous and beautiful blonde woman.

Central bank stockpiles (put some extra aside for an emergency) cash for Y2K. For Y2K have three days cash and three days food in your house.

The man “holds the wild card” in the negotiations. A “wild card” is a strong or special one. When people negotiate there is “give and take”; if you can give a “wild card” you may win.

My son needs to get back “on track” with his Mathematics. Use this for any trouble you might have that you need to solve or improve.

The problem with kids these days is they have “too much time on their hands”. So, the solution is we need to give them safe things to do. They have much time where they have no activities or homework.

It is important not “to close the door” on your kids. You need to talk to them, to listen to them, to argue with them, and to respect them.

This will create a financial Godzilla. So, this is a new idiom somebody made in the paper. A “Godzilla” company would be big and strong and dangerous.




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