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Level 3 Vocabulary Words  November 5, 1999

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Level 3 Vocabulary:
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The Weekly Idiom and Headlines

To count on is to rely on or depend on someone or something.

There are elections for municipal government in November. You may get a phone call and the person will say this to you. “Can I count on your vote?”

Idiom: to be psyched

Definition: To be well prepared and ready for a difficult challenge either physically or mentally. It also means you have confidence. 
Before the Grizzlies play the game, the players try to psyche each other up (make themselves ready for the game). In chess, players try to psyche each other out by various means. To psyche them out is to make them lose confidence and fail.

Children like to push their parents’ buttons. Oh dear! A button is something
that bothers you and makes you angry. What is her hot button?

My friend said to her boyfriend, “My way, or the highway!” She is telling him to choose her and her rules, or find a new girlfriend.

My daughter’s music teacher is out of tune with the times, but he is a good teacher of music anyway. He wears glasses with plastic frames from about 1985; he drives a 1966 Toyota; he wears older-style shirts. Old fashioned is a kind of synonym.

Don’t worry. I’ll give it my best shot. You can also say, “Give it a shot!” I am saying that I will do my best and try.

To have a crush on someone

The boy in Grade One had a crush on his pretty teacher. He thinks that he is in love with her. He wants to marry her when he grows up. This is called puppy love.

Do you think Kevin will be at the dance? 
I think so, why? 
I think he's really cute and nice. Sounds like you've got a crush on him!

They were high school sweethearts. They met in high school and then married.

Idiom: to toss one's cookies; to speak to the big white telephone; to talk to Ralph; to blow chunks (today’s children); to barf; throw up (polite) My child is throwing up every 2 hours. What should I do? Definition: To vomit

I was sick as a dog. (I was very sick)

It isn’t necessary to get a divorce. We can work it out if you want. To work it out is to solve or work on a problem together.

It was, like, a big thing. Like is a word that means “kind of”, “close to”, “really” “you know”. It is a kind of filler word, close to the use of “um” and “ah”.

Having a 14-year-old keeps you honest. When they ask you whether you drank alcohol before you were the legal age, you need to answer truthfully.





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