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Snow Words

The words below were collected by students in response to an assignment to find   words related to snow. The words are in the order given!

Slush: Slush is snow and water mixed together. Watch out for the slush at the curb! If you step in it, it may damage your clothing. Sometimes, drivers will splash the slush on you.

Splosh is a "splashing sound". The cars crossed the road and I heard a big splosh. Poor Victor! When cars hit slush they splosh.

Spatter (noun) is a splash of liquid mud. Brad has spatters of mud on his pants from the park this morning.

Splatter (verb) is to splash with small blobs.

Spatter, splatter, and splosh are all onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia is words which imitate a real sound. Another example is the word "pop".

Snow-blind is when the bright light from the snow blinds a person temporarily.

Snowblink is the reflection of light from the snow. (not sure about this one)

Snowfall, snowball, snowman, snowcap, snowbird, snowplow, snowbank, snowdrift are examples of compounds formed with snow as the prefix. Snowbird is a Canadian who goes south in the winter to Florida, Arizona, or California and returns home in the spring.

Avalanche is when snow slides down a mountain. In Northern Quebec an avalanche hit a school on New Year’s Day. On Grouse Mountain, a man was killed recently in a large avalanche.

Sleet is when rain and snow mix together and fall from the sky. Freezing rain is when rain falls through air which is below 0 degrees and freezes on the ground.

A snowman, snowball, snowshoe, snowboard, snow tire, snowflake .

Snow cones are snow mixed with sweet syrup. In Iran people use real outdoor snow mixed with a grape syrup to make these.

Sleet is a mix or rain and snow in the air.

Slush is a mix of rain and snow on the ground.

yooper scooper. It is a large snow shovel with sides that is popular in Michigan’s upper peninsula. It comes from "pooper scooper" which is a tool to pick up after your dog.

Sugar snow is crumbly ice crystals of snow. Powder snow is light, fluffy snow.

Corn snow is icy snow about the size of pieces of corn. This is caused by freezing and thawing repeatedly and is most common in spring.

Hail is ice crystal in the shape of balls.

A white out is when snow blocks your vision it looks completely white.

Snow blind is a condition caused by sunny weather on snow. It means a person cannot see temporarily because of the brightness of the light. To avoid this, people wear special goggles with UV protection.

Snirt is what the residents of Dakota call a mix of snow and dirt blown of the prairies.

Dissnowlusionment is when schools close due to a forecast of snow, but no snow falls.


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