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Level 3 Vocabulary Words  March 15, 2000

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Level 3 Vocabulary:
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Vocabulary Notes from 1-3 Reading Class

From the reading, "Assault on the White House"

Assault is a kind of attack.

Strange goings-on: unusual or weird events

They picked it up (saw) on the radar (sees at night or in the fog).

My friend is coming in a small boat. Can you pick up the mast? Is he coming?

Also, we use pick it out for about the same meaning.

The Washington Monument. What is a monument? A monument is a large piece of rock or marble that remembers a person or an event. It is not a statue. A statue looks like a person or animal.

The helicopter hovered. It stays in the same place in the air for a short time. A hummingbird can hover and so can an eagle.

A heavy guard is a complete, well-armed force of men. We can also say heavy security and heavy armour (tanks)

Heading this way (that way) means going that direction.

They opened fire means they began to shoot. An open fire is a fire outside, such as on a beach.

A fence is a structure to close in some space such as a yard or a school.

If you blow it up you cause an explosion such as with a bomb. You can also blow up a balloon for the birthday party.

A shotgun shoots shot. A shotgun shell is filled with small balls made from lead or plastic or steel.

What is smacking? It is a hard hit on the face with an open hand. The pellets (shot) are smacking the helicopter.

Enough is enough! It means I am upset. Please stop now!

Just in case, take your umbrella on your walk tonight.

He pulled off (to do) the whole stunt (is a crazy trick such as putting a VW Beetle under the Skytrain Bridge recently)

The Air Force had flunked (fail) him out. This means that he is no longer in the Air Force because he failed many tests.

He is charged with trespassing. To trespass means to cross over a place where you are not allowed to go.

Psychiatrist is a head doctor, who is a medical doctor first.

Some drivers in Vancouver endanger other people when they run red lights.




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