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Level 3 Vocabulary Words  May 19, 2000

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Level 3 Vocabulary:
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Vocabulary Notes from Level 3 Reading Class, East Asia and the Pacific (and Current Events)

There will be aerial spraying for Gypsy Moth in Burnaby until June 1. Some people disagree; others agree. Someone tried a lawsuit, but it failed.

bullet“A thousand drinks is not too many for a good friend.” Be careful if you serve alcohol to a friend because you are responsible if he or she causes an accident. You may be sued for damages in a lawsuit.
bulletAre you covered by WCB? (Workers’ Compensation Board) Ask this question of anyone who comes to work on your house. If a worker is not covered, he may sue you if he is hurt while working on your home.

A blueprint for the future (of any project) . A blueprint is a kind of plan, such as for a house or building, so this idiom applies to any kind of future plan, not just for buildings.

A futurist predicts the future.

In Fiji, there was a coup attempt today. A coup is when, for example, the army tries to take over the government. It comes from the French, coup d’etat (hitting the state)

A meteor is a rock falling in the sky; a meteorite is that rock on the ground.

A subsistence farmer is one that just makes enough to live each year. A bad year is a serious problem.

A man got the wrong drug at the drugstore. He wanted a laxative, but he got morphine.

bulletA laxative makes you go to the bathroom.
bulletMorphine is a medicine made from a poppy. Opium comes from the same poppy. So does the drug, heroin.

A sponsor teacher takes a new teacher and helps him or her learn. 

Cottage industries are small home businesses, such as those making baskets, or clothing. If you take “pieces” of something to put together, we call this “piece work”.

When you have mountains, it often rains more. Why? This is a microclimate. Rain varies by each hill.

A hurricane is a typhoon.

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